VUEMED is a global healthcare technology company that offers innovative software and web-based solutions for the documentation and tracking of medical products, devices and supplies in a variety of healthcare organizations such as hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, and surgical centers. VUEMED is known among its customers not only for its superior technology, but also for its exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

VUEMED’s flagship product, VueTrack™, is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and affordable tool that tracks clinical supplies from their entry into a department’s stock to their point of use for a specific patient procedure. VueTrack’s™ real-time data capture significantly streamlines the clinical documentation process and gives users complete control over their inventory.

Key benefits of VueTrack™ for healthcare organizations:

1Optimize inventory composition and size
2Ensure swift, accurate and reliable documentation
3Improve patient care through recall and expiration management
4Prevent waste of expensive, perishable products
5Reduce purchases by applying dynamic, smart par levels
6Boost staff productivity and physician satisfaction
7Prevent under-billing and increase revenue capture
8Prevent over-billing and avoid billing errors and fraud
9Run results-oriented, strategic and analytical reports quickly
10Affordable monthly subscription model with no capital costs
11Achieve an ROI of greater than 500% annually