Annual and Periodic Inventory Count with VueCount

VUEMED helps hospital departments reach their quality and efficiency goals – whether they need to audit their inventory once a year for year-end financial reporting, or they need to account for their on-hand inventory on a quarterly basis to ensure accuracy of on-hand stock and its par levels.

VueCount is an innovative inventory count technology that VUEMED ships directly to hospitals, ready to use out of the box for a do-it-yourself approach to inventory audits. Alternatively, VUEMED can also provide an inventory count specialist on site that will help organize and manage the count with unparalleled expertise to ensure a smooth and successful experience.

VueCount scans all items in a department’s inventory, thereby capturing swiftly and accurately each item with its lot number and expiration date (pedigree), and tallying quantities by location. Our technology is powered by advanced barcode scanning software that identifies each product or SKU and provides a clean definition of the product with its name, features, sizes, catalog number and other available attributes for unmistakable identification and recording of each item in the inventory.

All of this information, plus the specific pedigree details, are reported on a secure website, where users can easily view and analyze their data, create reports, and export the data to Excel. The online reports can be further customized to include pricing information so that not only can users see the total value of their stock, but they can also segment it by manufacturer, service line, location, and much more.

We also provide additional options such as:

1 Inventory pedigree tracking
2 Recall screening
3 Expiration control and alerts
4 Complete analysis of inventory composition with recommendations for improvement
5 Audit of MMIS item master to ensure accurate and consistent product descriptions and other available data

VueCount helps provide hospitals with evidence of high levels of waste, excess inventory, and the unbalanced composition of their stock. This diagnosis is a critical first step in addressing the root problems that can be traced to causes outside of materials management and developing tailored solutions to eliminate these causes.