VUEMED is a global healthcare information company dedicated to transforming the healthcare supply chain through the most innovative RAIN RFID and barcode scanning technologies available today.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud-based inventory management and data solutions work as a coordinated suite of tools to track and document the usage of medical products, devices and supplies in real time. Our system can also be scaled up to track assets and people (clinical staff, patients, reps).

Here are the key benefits that VUEMED’s solutions provide to both hospitals and manufacturers:

  • Accurate supplies documentation and patient records
  • Precise billing and increased charge capture while mitigating the consequences of errors
  • Access to reliable, real-time data-based intelligence
  • Reliable recall and expiration management
  • Prevention of waste of expensive, perishable products
  • Reduction in purchases due to smarter par levels
  • Inventory composition that is aligned with clinical needs
  • Results-oriented, strategic and analytic reports within seconds
  • Greater staff productivity and physician satisfaction
  • Affordable monthly subscription model
  • Typical ROI of 200-500% annually