In 2005 VUEMED founders Arnold Chazal and Lana Makhanik began developing a new business idea based on their vision of providing a meaningful solution to the numerous clinical inventory management, product tracking and documentation problems faced by hospitals and medical products manufacturers. Their objective was to provide a simple-to-use and affordable, yet powerful technology tool that would significantly improve inventory management and documentation, thereby improving patient care, reducing costs, increasing revenue, and boosting staff productivity.

By the end of 2006 they had successfully developed VueTrack™, a groundbreaking software and web-based technology that would go on to produce remarkable outcomes in the way that hospital departments function on a daily basis. VueTrack was initially a project of Kieris Solutions, a medical market research and healthcare consulting company founded and led by Chazal and Makhanik from 1999 to 2007. It was at Kieris that they first realized the extent to which hospitals, as well as medical products manufacturers, could benefit from an effective inventory tracking, documentation, and data management solution. Once they joined forces with Pavel Rozalski, a former senior software engineer for Microsoft, they were able to advance the project from being a working prototype to being a full-fledged business with a comprehensive technology backing it.

Since 2007 VueTrack has been implemented in multiple hospital specialty departments, including cath labs, electrophysiology labs, interventional radiology labs, operating rooms, and GI/Endoscopy suites in the U.S. and overseas.  In 2014 VUEMED added the latest, cutting-edge RFID technology to their offerings.  With VueTrack-RF™ and related solutions such as VueTrack-UDI™ and VueTrack-Mobile™, VUEMED is transforming the healthcare industry through technological innovations.

VUEMED was officially incorporated in 2008. In 2009 VUEMED expanded distribution to Australia, and in 2014 to Europe and Canada. VUEMED’s headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, USA.