VueTrack Mobile

VueTrack-Mobile™ is our newest technology solution within the VueTrack suite of products. VueTrack-Mobile is a robust, hand-held barcode scanning/UHF RFID reader powered by VUEMED’s latest inventory tracking app – designed to quickly perform a variety of inventory counting and auditing tasks, including identifying expired or recalled items.

When VueTrack-Mobile is used in its RFID mode, it can record an entire supply or procedure room’s inventory and sync it to the cloud in one sweep that lasts less than a minute. It harnesses the power of UHF Gen2 passive RFID technology, which reads UHF RFID tags from near range to as far as 12 feet away and with extraordinary accuracy. Wherever your clinical supplies are stored – whether in cabinets, on shelves, in bins or on racks – VueTrack-Mobile sees them.

The data is then synced to the cloud to report par levels for each SKU, expiration status of products, changes in stock composition from the last audit, and so on. In just a few minutes, one person can conduct an entire inventory count for a medium-sized clinical department, do an audit of supplies, or check all par levels.

VueTrack-Mobile can be used as a stand-alone inventory audit or replenishment tool, or in combination with VUEMED’s VueTrack-RF™ fixed infrastructure UHF RFID solution.

VueTrack-Mobile offers exciting value-added service opportunities for manufacturers, distributors, and third-party service providers. It enables them to manage inventories on behalf of their customers, control field inventories, take charge of consignment stock, keep track of trunk stock transactions, and perform various other Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program tasks, including expiration and par level management.

Here are some of the main benefits of VueTrack-Mobile:

  • Handheld portable device that you can use anywhere
  • Highly accurate inventory auditing
  • Swift par level checking and replenishment
  • Rapid identification and location of expired/expiring or recalled items
  • Integrated into the RFID ecosystem that reports data to the cloud