Why Choose VUEMED?

We realize that the various clinical documentation and inventory management systems out there may at first glance seem quite similar. The truth is that they are not created equal. The reality is that many companies on the market today make a lot of elaborate promises using a lot of fancy language, and then fall short when actually put to the test.

At VUEMED we guarantee an ROI of 300-500% depending on the solution. We stand by our products because we know they work. Our solutions offer benefits and features that stand shoulders above the competition.

Our priorities are simple – data integrity, robust methodologies, flawless processes, a superlative user experience and the best customer support in the industry.

Here is a sampling of the many reasons why our customers have chosen VUEMED to manage their clinical inventory and documentation:

Better patient care: Switch out items that are about to expire so that they aren’t inadvertently used in a procedure. Track recalled items quickly and accurately. Always have the right products on hand when they’re needed.

Clinical quality: Analyze and cross-reference data on specific product utilization and correlate it with clinical outcomes. Maintain the highest accuracy of patient medical records and significantly enhance patient safety throughout the care continuum.

Financial and risk management: Ensure accuracy of billing data with supporting details captured during each procedure. Secure accurate and increased charge capture and prevent unintentional billing fraud.

Control over clinical inventory: Track every product in real time so that users always know what they have in stock and where it is. Set par levels based on actual usage. Eliminate stock-outs. Avoid consumption errors that cause both under- and over-billing.

Cost-savings and supply chain optimization: Set lower par levels based on actual consumption and trim excess stock. Receive advance warning on items about to expire and negotiate better prices with vendors. Purchase an optimal quantity and mix of clinical products. Gain confidence to increase bulk purchases or eliminate unnecessary product lines.

Process and resource optimization: Ensure quick, efficient, and accurate data capture to maximize clinical staff productivity and enhance procedure documentation. Proactively manage supply cost and performance.

Cloud reporting: Instantly access in-depth analytical reports via the web based on real-time inventory data. Seamlessly merge all data coming from any VUEMED solution (VueTrack, VueTrack-RF or VueScan). Pull up a list of items expiring over the next three months. Identify a list of procedures in which a recalled item was used. Run a daily list of under-par items complete with reorder codes.

Benefits for physicians: Track and analyze consumption by physician. Offer choice of products to physicians thanks to better control over par levels.

Exceptional customer service: VUEMED prides itself on always being there for its customers 24/7. No excuses. No delays. Just solution-driven, reliable, and trustworthy.