How VueTrack Works

VueTrack™ is an easy-to-use yet powerful software and web-based solution. Below are the essential components that make up our system:

  • Advanced barcode scanning technology
  • Centrally managed proprietary database of all products and barcodes
  • In-depth analysis and reports based on real-time inventory data

Advanced barcode scanning technology
Once the VueTrack™ software has been uploaded onto the hospital department’s existing PCs, manufacturer barcodes are scanned off product packages as items enter a department’s inventory, and then scanned out as they are consumed for patient care during a procedure. In other words, VueTrack™ works as a check-in and check-out system.

Nearly 100% of all products used in hospitals are already barcoded, thereby providing easy identification with a barcode scanner. Most of them include lot number and expiration date. In the rare event that the manufacturer has not provided a barcode, VueTrack™ creates one for that product. Our sophisticated barcode scanning technology works with any class of barcode or barcode symbology that may be used by manufacturers.

Besides the VueTrack™ software, all that’s needed is a standard barcode scanner that VUEMED provides and installs. There’s no need for costly lab remodeling or expensive cabinets or hardware.

VueTrack™ integrates seamlessly into the normal workflow of clinical procedure departments. Techs and nurses like our system because it is simple and straightforward to use even when they’re busy with patients, which is reflected in their consistently high compliance levels.

Centrally managed proprietary database of all products and barcodes
VUEMED has built and maintains a vast and continuously updated database of hundreds of thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers in the U.S. and internationally. When manufacturer barcodes are scanned off product packages with VueTrack™, our system automatically identifies the corresponding items (or SKUs) in our master database and records all inventory transactions (added, removed, consumed products, etc.) in VUEMED-hosted servers via the web.

The beauty of our system is that there’s no burden on users – VUEMED does all of the work of updating the database to make sure that it’s comprehensive, accurate and current. So while products, barcodes, distributors, and features may change, VueTrack™ keeps a record of all variations so that hospital staff doesn’t have to worry about it. All they need to do is scan the package.

In-depth analysis and reports based on real-time inventory data
VueTrack™ enables users to access instantly a variety of web-based reports that contain powerful real-time data and can be used to analyze their inventory-related activities from a multitude of perspectives. VueTrack™ also maintains all historical information and provides invaluable reports on trends and comparative analysis. Hospitals can run either broad or narrow reports easily with the wealth of this data at their fingertips.

For example, users can pull up a list of items expiring over the next three months by product type or manufacturer, or identify a list of procedures in which a recalled item was used. Prepare and export to Excel or PDF usage reports by physician or nurse, or follow inventory turnover by product type or size. Run a daily list of under-par items complete with the organization’s reorder codes, or send detailed procedure reports to billing along with the department specific billing/reimbursement codes. Numerous additional reports can be run to help customers meet their efficiency, quality, and savings goals.

As part of our commitment to providing the most user-friendly system possible to suit every department’s complex and unique environment, VueTrack™ also allows users to customize reports to meet their specific needs and provides the desired data output in a variety of formats to make interfacing with VueTrack™ simple.

In summary, the VueTrack™ technology at a glance:

  • Software and web-based design
  • Advanced barcode scanning technology
  • Quick and easy to install on hospitals’ existing PCs
  • No expensive cabinets or hardware to buy
  • Loaded with a vast database of products that is continuously updated
  • All scans and inventory transactions recorded locally and on VUEMED’s servers
  • Real-time inventory tracking and reporting via the web
  • Accurate, meaningful data capture and reporting capabilities
  • Reliable documentation and accounting of clinical supplies
  • Burden-free, time-saving, simple to use, high compliance
  • Pays for itself several times over: ROI > 500% annually