How VueTrack™ solves the “blind spot” in hospitals (PDF)
Most hospitals only track “perpetual” commodity supplies and document select implants. The vast majority of clinical products used in hospitals are not tracked or accounted for: this “blind spot” plagues the entire healthcare system and is a debilitating and costly problem. VueTrack™ provides hospitals with a powerful yet simple solution to fix these inventory management challenges by giving them the ability to track, document and control each product with absolute accuracy and efficiency. This presentation explains in detail how VueTrack™ works and the multiple benefits it provides to hospitals.

What VueTrack™ can do for medical products manufacturers (PDF)
VueTrack™ solves the all-too-common problem of clinical inventory mismanagement, which is often blamed on manufacturers by hospitals and can also cause operational issues for many manufacturers. VueTrack™ enables manufacturers to save money and avoid inventory waste through effective expiration management, and is like having a virtual inventory manager in each hospital reporting directly to manufacturers on their products 24/7. VueTrack™ data also helps sales reps be more efficient, focused and proactive in addressing customers’ needs.

2011 Physician Survey (PDF)
VUEMED and The Optimé Group commissioned a survey in July 2011 to evaluate physicians’ perspectives on their relationships with supply chain/materials organizations, their contribution to the product selection/purchasing decisions, and the impact of healthcare reform on their practice. The findings from this survey were first presented at the CMO panel discussion at the Fall 2011 IDN Summit entitled “Achieving Supply Chain Success.”