Virtual Inventory Manager for Manufacturers

VUEMED offers medical products manufacturers the opportunity to gain a significant marketing advantage over their competitors using our VueTrack™ technology. With VueTrack™, manufacturers gain real-time, accurate inventory data for each hospital account at their fingertips. It’s like having a virtual inventory manager in each hospital reporting directly to the manufacturer on their products 24/7, 365 days a year.

VueTrack™ is able to inform manufacturers about the exact composition of their inventory at any moment – by product line, brand, SKU, lot number, dollar value, and so on – with an option to aggregate the data from several departments or hospitals. Manufacturers also gain information about consignment vs. non-consignment, daily consumption, purchase order fulfillment, recent trends, and market share.

Here are some of the many benefits for manufacturers of using VueTrack™:

1 Spend more time on core competency – selling – rather than doing inventory work.
2 Keep a close watch on emergent trends, and adjust accordingly.
3 Identify opportunities (consolidation, inventory composition, etc.) and act before the competition takes notice – maximize sales.
4 Expiration management – avoid product waste and save money.
5 Track and manage recalled items – provide added value to customers.
6 Proof of delivery/receipt of purchase orders.
7 Have products at par and always available – never miss a sale.
8 Take guesswork out of the equation.
9 Ensure that the product composition exactly matches the customer’s needs.
10 Gain invaluable intelligence about each account and their specific needs.

With VueTrack™, manufacturers are able to develop privileged relationships with their customers as a result of being a value-added service provider and an expert on their needs. Manufacturers move from being vendors to being problem solvers.