1How does scanning work?
VueTrack™ tracks items using existing manufacturer barcodes already printed on product packages. These barcodes contain a code that is identified by VueTrack™ and matched to a full description of the item in VUEMED’s extensive master database of products. VueTrack™ also reads and documents expiration date and lot/serial number information off the barcodes. All scanned information is automatically added to customers’ personalized inventory record on VueTrack™, along with quantity, pricing, reimbursement, billing, reorder, and other information.

2 What if there’s no barcode on a product?
Over 99% of products in diagnostic and interventional procedure labs have manufacturer barcodes printed on them. VueTrack™ either generates its own barcodes or creates cheat sheets for the few products that don’t already have barcodes so that they can be tracked with the same ease.

3 Do we need to purchase any special equipment?
No. VueTrack™ gets uploaded to our customers’ existing computers, either desktops or laptops with Internet access, in or near procedure rooms and inventory receiving areas. We provide barcode scanners as part of VueTrack’s™ installation. For enhanced mobility, customers can opt to purchase VueTrack™ for the iPad or for mobile scanning devices.

Do we have to compile all of our inventory items and their descriptions ourselves when installing VueTrack™?
No. VUEMED has built and keeps updated a database of hundreds of thousands of products. This allows for a quick and easy installation process as well as minimal follow-up maintenance for our customers.

5 Can we track our inventory by procedure room?
Yes. VueTrack™ can be set up so that users can track any item entering or leaving a room. Users can even create par levels for each room and manage their inventory by room. All reports can show procedural activity by room, sub-department, department, or for the entire hospital.

6 Can we track items that have been borrowed by another department?
Yes. VueTrack™ allows users to transfer products to and from other departments by designating the origin, destination, and reason for being moved. Users can then run reports to monitor what’s been borrowed and whether it’s been returned, if necessary.

7 What kinds of reports can we run?
With VueTrack™, customers can run a multitude of reports, all geared towards helping them achieve their inventory improvement and savings objectives. For instance, track expiring products, items used by physicians, or under par products. Plus, reports can be customized to suit users’ unique needs. These reports are invaluable for saving money, increasing revenue, improving patient care, boosting efficiency, and taking charge of the clinical inventory.

How is VueTrack™ priced?
VueTrack’s™ pricing structure consists of two components: a one-time initial setup fee and a monthly subscription fee (similar to a license fee). Both fees are based on the number of VueTrack™ stations (i.e. number of existing hospital desktops, laptops, or mobile devices on which VueTrack™ software is installed). We guarantee the lowest pricing in the industry and an ROI of more than 500% annually thanks to the savings and enhanced revenue capture that VueTrack™ generates. Please contact us to get a precise quote.

9 What is included in the initial setup fee?
The initial one-time setup fee includes: (a) Installing VueTrack™ and a barcode scanner on PCs and/or mobile devices; (b) Scanning the entire inventory and pulling all expired products; (c) Training all staff on how to use VueTrack’s™ scanning application; and (d) Training senior staff on VueTrack’s™ web reporting application.

10 What is included in the monthly subscription fee?
The monthly subscription fee includes: (a) Continual upgrades and feature enhancements; (b) Customizations specific to customers’ configuration requirements; and (c) On-going maintenance and technical support.

11 Can VueTrack™ interface with other systems?
Yes. We can build interfaces between VueTrack™ and any other systems used in a hospital or department based on the specific requirements, versions and setup already in place.

 What if we need urgent technical support?
VUEMED’s customer service team is available 24/7 to respond immediately to any technical problem. We pride ourselves on providing truly exceptional customer care.