Introducing VueTray and VueSurg

At the OR Business Management Conference in New Orleans last week, we were very excited to demonstrate a beta version of our two newest clinical documentation applications, VueTray and VueSurg. They are part of VUEMED’s ecosystem of solutions built on the VueTrack technology platform and work seamlessly with our other SaaS and Cloud-based applications.

VueTray is designed to document swiftly and accurately non-sterile orthopedic implants and trays, and trauma trays.  It utilizes either UHF RFID or advanced barcode scanning software to identify without error each tray and its contents, and documents the utilization of each implant through an intuitive and easy-to-use touchscreen interface.  It keeps a tally of trays used, all parts used by tray and by level within each tray, as well as a complete list and count of all items used during a procedure identified easily with clean descriptions and UDI data.

VueSurg leverages our VueTrack technology platform to manage, track and document surgical instruments from sterile processing to use in patient procedures – seamlessly and in real time.  VueSurg is an UHF RFID-based technology that works with RFID-tagged instruments to uniquely identify each individual instrument, its flow, location, chain of custody, patient utilization, and sterile processing status.  At the point of care, each instrument used is identified by VueSurg and recorded as part of the procedure, but is also monitored to make sure that it’s returned to a soiled instrument bin to secure a perfect count of instruments pre- and post-op for patient safety.  No more “missing” instruments, thereby providing peace of mind to physicians and staff.  Everything is handled by RFID antennas and a simple touchscreen application.