Healthcare Supply Chain Optimization

VUEMED’s vision is to transform the healthcare supply chain into a value chain, with tools that promote transparency and provide more comprehensive and accurate data to help achieve greater efficiency, savings, revenue capture, and patient care.

Our Mission

Equipped with years of experience in robust Cloud infrastructure, superior data capture and reporting tools, and proven ROI-driven improvement programs, VUEMED's mission is to solve acute inventory management, supply chain, and product utilization documentation problems at hospitals with its suite of inventory, people, and asset tracking and optimization technologies.




Our Story


Management Team


On Our Minds


For over 20 years VUEMED’s founders have been committed to making health care safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective. Their years of experience have their footprint in everything we do.


At VUEMED we have a geeky passion for developing the most cutting-edge RFID and barcode scanning technology available today for improving the healthcare supply chain.


VUEMED prides itself on being there for its customers 24/7. No excuses or delays. Just solution-driven, dependable, and trustworthy. We stand by our products because we know they work.

Our Solutions

VUEMED is a healthcare technology company whose SaaS and Cloud-based solutions allow hospitals and their suppliers to track, manage, and document clinical supply and device usage throughout their supply chain and healthcare facilities.

VueTrack Logo

VueTrack is our advanced barcode scanning data capture technology that tracks all medical devices, products and supplies

VueTrack RF Logo

VueTrack-RF is our RAIN RFID version of VueTrack – data capture is hands-free and reported live with little human interaction

VueTrack Mobile Logo

VueTrack-Mobile is our “on-the-go,” hand-held, dual mode barcode/RAIN RFID inventory tracking solution

VueTrack UDI Logo

VueTrack-UDI is our RAIN RFID app for ensuring that UDI data encoding on RFID tags complies with the FDA’s regulations

VueSurge Logo

VueSurg is our app for managing, tracking and documenting all surgical instruments from sterile processing to patient care

VueTray Logo

VueTray is our touchscreen solution for managing and documenting orthopedic implants and trays all the way to the patient

VueBin Logo

VueBin is a Cloud-based, automated RAIN RFID Kanban system that generates replenishment requests and item reorders in real time


VueSync is a Cloud-based master catalog and update service of more than 500,000 SKUs with their associated UDI info

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Whether you’re interested in VueTrack, VueTrack-RF, VueTrack-Mobile, or VueTrack-UDI, or our newest products VueTray, VueSurg, VueBin, or VueSync, we love showing off the magic of our technology. We are happy to schedule a remote or live demo at your convenience so that we can show you in person the uniqueness and effectiveness of our solutions.

We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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