VueSync is our Cloud-based master catalog and update service of more than 500,000 SKUs with their associated UDI info that provides 24/7 up-to-date, detailed, and accurate information about medical supplies, products, and devices. VueSync works in real time and ensures accurate data capture and documentation from point of entry to point of care.

Why use VueSync?


Without VueSync, hospitals experience time-consuming, manual, and inconsistent data entry, error-prone documentation from point of entry to point of care, burdensome redos and manual reconciliations, and distractions from patient care and higher-value tasks.

WITH VueSync, hospitals gain these key advantages:

  • Continuously and automatically updated Cloud master catalog of >500,000 SKUs, with clean and reliable item definitions, that feeds directly into any clinical or ERP system.
  • Mitigation of risk due to inaccurate or incomplete patient records; no more manual entries.
  • Complete and accurate data capture for every item:
    • Real-time documentation of supplies in one swift step
    • UDI compliance with expiration and lot/serial number data
    • Complete dataset for easy recall and expiration management
    • Accurate billing that maximizes revenue capture

VueSync brings value to key hospital constituents by providing a wealth of benefits that start with access to quality data, including supply chain, clinical departments, and finance.

Most importantly, VueSync brings value to the patient by ensuring accurate EMR and billing, and improving patient care and safety through proactive recall and expiration management.