Results of our physician survey

In conjunction with The Optimé Group, VUEMED commissioned a survey of 60 physicians in July 2011 in order to evaluate their perspectives on: (a) their relationships with supply chain/materials organizations; (b) their contribution to the product selection/purchasing decisions; and (c) the impact of healthcare reform on their practice.

Survey participants included interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, and orthopedic surgeons. They reflected a variety of practices (single-specialty, multi-specialty, and those employed by hospitals), and types of hospitals (academic, large urban, and community) across the United States.

Nearly 70% of physicians surveyed described the relationship with their supply chain/materials organization as “supportive” or “collaborative,” in which both parties exchange relevant information and participate in product review and evaluation decisions. Most physicians also felt that their supply chain/materials organizations are trying to improve overall processes and save costs. Additionally, they expressed that it is a positive experience to work with supply chain/materials organizations on product selection decisions, and that their own main contribution to this process is to provide input based on clinical evidence and direct experience with products.

The physician participants also stated that they would like to see peer utilization data among the information that is provided to aid them in their product selection decisions; however, they want this data to be supplied by payers, non-profit and governmental agencies, and hospitals – not by product manufacturers.