VUEMED and Optimé Supply Chain team up

We’re very excited about our new collaboration with Optimé Supply Chain.  You may have seen on or on Yahoo! Finance that VUEMED and Optimé have joined forces to create OptiVue™, an exclusive Web-based software system that combines VueTrack™ and SmartANALYTICS™ (by Optimé).

OptiVue™ is a critically important development because it solves the data problem that exists in most hospitals. It does this by giving hospitals the tools they need to access, gather and analyze the data required to make informed decisions about their inventory composition, supply purchases, clinical utilization and comparative effectiveness.

OptiVue™ breaks down IT system silos in hospitals and creates a seamless, integrated data flow from otherwise fragmented applications, such as materials management, clinical information systems, billing and electronic medical records. OptiVue™ also connects patient, demographic and account information to the supplies used at the point of care, as well as to the performing physicians and procedure type.

For more information, check out our new OptiVue™ page on this site.