Reflecting on AHRMM14

Last week VUEMED participated in the AHRMM14 conference in Orlando. As always, AHRMM was a great opportunity to reconnect with current customers and meet potential new customers. But this year was special for us because we had the opportunity to introduce our newest technology solution, VueTrack-RF™.  We’re proud of this new milestone in our company.

VueTrack-RF™ is the RFID version of VueTrack™, using advanced ultra-high frequency RFID antennas and inexpensive, versatile passive tags. It turns any space – whether a supply room, procedure room, or warehouse – into a fully controlled inventory space using existing shelving, thereby avoiding the need to install bulky and expensive RFID cabinets. Small antennas are strategically placed on walls or in the ceilings – everything else remains the same.

A major theme at this year’s AHRMM was the critical role of the supply chain in achieving accurate and complete data. VueTrack-RF™ tracks medical supplies, assets and people in real time with 99.5% accuracy. Data capture is hands-free and virtually error-proof. Some of the benefits of VueTrack-RF™ that the healthcare providers we spoke with at AHRMM14 were particularly interested in are how it would enable them to scan any manufacturer barcode, to have access to a centrally-managed, quality controlled universal item master database, to have real-time remote access to inventory data, and to avoid costs associated with product recalls.