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VueTrack™ is an advanced barcode scanning software and Cloud-based technology that provides hospitals with the ability to track, document, and manage medical devices and supplies from their delivery on-site to the point of care. With VueTrack, users gain complete control over their hospital supply chain and can document patient cases with precision and efficiency, as well as run actionable web-based reports within seconds, using real-time, accurate data.


How does VueTrack work?


Advanced Barcode Scanning

Once our software has been uploaded onto a hospital’s existing hardware, manufacturer barcodes are scanned off product packages as items enter a department’s inventory, and then scanned out as they are consumed for patient care during a procedure. VueTrack works as a check-in and check-out system. There’s no need for new cabinets or shelving.

Centrally Managed Database

Centrally-Managed Database

VUEMED has built a vast database of hundreds of thousands of products from manufacturers in the U.S. and internationally. When a manufacturer barcode is scanned off a product package with VueTrack, our system identifies the corresponding SKU in our database and records all inventory transactions in VUEMED-hosted servers via the web.

Cloud Reporting

VUEMED Cloud Reports

VueTrack enables users to access powerful web-based reports instantly and in real time that analyze inventory composition and all transactions (deliveries, usage, removals, etc.). Users can track expiring or recalled products, consumption by case, on-hand stock, consumed inventory, or under-par products within seconds.

VueTrack provides critical benefits to healthcare organizations

  • Ensures accurate clinical documentation
  • Improves patient care through effective recall and expiration management
  • Optimizes inventory composition and size
  • Prevents waste of expensive, perishable products
  • Increases revenue capture
  • Avoids billing errors
  • Affordable monthly subscription model with no capital costs
  • Guaranteed ROI of 200% annually