VueTray is VUEMED’s new application for documenting non-sterile orthopedic implants and trays and trauma trays swiftly and accurately. It is part of VUEMED’s ecosystem of solutions built on the VueTrack technology platform and works seamlessly with our other SaaS and Cloud-based applications. VueTray uses either cutting-edge UHF RFID or advanced barcode scanning software to identify each tray and its contents, and documents the utilization of each implant employing an intuitive and easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

VueTray keeps a tally of trays used, all parts used by tray and by level within each tray, as well as a complete list and count of all items used during a procedure – identified easily with clean descriptions and UDI (Unique Device Identification) data. Documentation of everything used in orthopedic or trauma cases has never been so easy and accurate, transforming the clinical documentation and billing process of any surgical department. VueTray also aids in the management of the upstream process, from tray composition or replenishment to sterile processing, and from entry into a procedure room to actual use in a patient procedure.

There are many critical benefits to using VueTray:

  1. With VueTray it is easy to know your exact on-hand inventory – what is already placed in trays as well as your overall stock, and what has been used for patient care. This results in a leaner and significantly more efficient management of supplies, and automated order processing based on actual needs and predictive analytics.
  2. VueTray automates the capture and documentation of UDI information, thus eliminating inaccuracies due to human error.
  3. The efficiency and accuracy gains from using VueTray at the point of care for charge capture and management of supplies ensure effective and comprehensive clinical documentation, greater patient safety, and a significant financial ROI year after year.
  4. Like all other VUEMED applications, VueTray works as part of your IT environment, integrated with your OR clinical documentation and purchasing systems, or as a stand-alone, providing your organization with immediate value and the same high quality real-time web-based reports as all other VUEMED applications.

Please contact VUEMED to discuss how VueTray can help your department.