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VueBin is a Cloud-based RAIN RFID-powered Kanban inventory management system that automates the management of all med-surg or typically high velocity and inexpensive or non-chargeable supplies. VueBin elevates the Kanban inventory control system to its highest ever degree of automation thanks to real-time information which generates replenishment requests and item reorders with unparalleled accuracy and diligence.

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Why use VueBin?

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At the point of storage, VueBin uses VUEMED’s unique and proprietary RFID switches (“VueSwitch”) to indicate whether one or both bins in a 2-bin supply management approach needs replenishment. VueBin reports and aggregates instantly all replenishment needs with the most accurate quantities, and then automatically decreases such quantities of SKUs from the general stock or warehouse supplies and generates an order to purchase more as needed.

VueBin is built with a visualizer that helps see by department, by room, and by rack the status of each bin. It also collects and analyzes data about the replenishment velocity, par quantities, and usage profile of each location to help make better decisions about how to optimize the Kanban system and anticipate the needs of users.

VueBin can work either as a stand-alone Kanban system for your organization or together with our other RAIN RFID technologies for managing supplies, implants and medical devices, surgical instruments, and orthopedic, trauma and spine implants and trays.