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VueTrack-UDI™ is our RAIN RFID tag-encoding solution that registers and prints RFID tags, compliant with the FDA’s UDI regulation, while recording each item in the Cloud in order to enable the IoT of medical supplies and devices.


Why use VueTrack-UDI?

UDI data such as manufacturer name, batch, serial number, and expiration date are embedded into the user memory data portion of the tag, thereby giving the medical device a standards-based identity that can be accessed and used throughout its lifecycle.

Manufacturers and hospitals can now immediately engage this UDI data to provide meticulous tracking of medical devices from deep within the manufacturer’s supply chain all the way to the point of use with a patient. The UDI data on the RFID tag enables users to find expiring and recalled products instantly. With the UDI data, devices can also be tracked to the hospital’s clinical, billing, and ERP systems, as well as electronic health records.

With VueTrack-UDI, VUEMED is providing a world-class, standards-based RFID solution that enables the entire healthcare supply chain to immediately generate value while ensuring compliance with the FDA’s UDI regulatory mandates.