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VueScan™ is a “plug-and-play” Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that solves clinical supplies documentation problems at the point of care. Upon scanning the manufacturer-printed barcode on a product’s package, this application parses the barcode, identifies the clinical product (ranging from Medsurg items to implants), documents its usage, and populates in real time the relevant product information (item description, item number, lot/serial number, expiration date) into the existing clinical documentation system for patient charting and billing.

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Why use VueScan?

Whether within OR pods, at nursing stations, or in any product storage area (e.g., cabinet, cart, bin, shelving system), VueScan transforms the way hospital departments record product usage for patient care by enabling them to document with precision and efficiency at the point of use. Users can run meaningful, easy-to-use, web-based reports using real-time, accurate data captured by VueScan. By working seamlessly with VueTrack, VueTrack-RF, and other VUEMED solutions, VueScan enables full visibility of the inventory on-hand as well as its usage.

The VueScan solution consists of:

  • Hardware: Utilizes hospitals’ existing PCs or devices connected to a barcode scanner;
  • Software: Includes intelligent software that knows how to recognize and parse over 150 classes of barcodes and extract lot/serial numbers and expiration dates;
  • Database: Works with a pre-loaded clean master database of products, with their associated barcodes, that is maintained and updated daily by VUEMED.
  • Reports: Provides real-time web reports and usage analytics

VueScan provides three key benefits to hospitals


Patient records

Guarantees accurate and precise patient records by showing exactly which products are used and in what quantities



Improves the clinical supplies reordering process: point-of-care usage records constitute the most reliable demand signal

increasing revenue

Charge capture

Increases charge capture and maximizes billing by ensuring documentation of all billable supplies, including bill-only items.