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VueTrack-Mobile™ is our hand-held, dual-mode barcode scanning/RAIN RFID inventory tracking solution. It does everything that VueTrack and VueTrack-RF do, but on-the-go. It’s designed to rapidly perform a variety of inventory counting and auditing tasks, including identifying expired or recalled items.


Why use VueTrack-Mobile?

When VueTrack-Mobile is used in its RFID mode, it can record an entire supply or procedure room’s inventory and sync it to the Cloud with one quick sweep. Harnessing the power of RAIN RFID technology, it reads UHF RFID tags from near range to 12 feet away with amazing accuracy. Wherever your clinical supplies are stored – whether in cabinets, on shelves, in bins, or on racks – VueTrack-Mobile sees them.

The data is then synced to the Cloud to report par levels for each SKU, expiration status, changes in stock composition from the last audit, etc. In just a few minutes, you can conduct an entire inventory count for a medium-sized clinical department, do an audit of supplies, or check all par levels.

VueTrack-Mobile also offers exciting opportunities for manufacturers and distributors, enabling them to manage inventories on behalf of their customers, control field inventories, take charge of consignment stock, keep track of trunk stock transactions, and perform other VMI tasks.