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VueCard™ is our mobile case cart preparation app that manages case picking, reports on case cart fulfillment status, and tracks requested supplies from preference card or product list to case cart, all the way to the patient procedure. VueCard guarantees that case carts sent to the procedure room are accurate and complete with the correct products - or approved substitutes - and ensures that unused items are returned to the inventory.

Why use VueCard?

Doctors in an operating room using a tablet

VueCard automates the fulfillment and tracking of case carts:

  •  Interfaces with your hospital systems to automatically receive case item lists required for each scheduled patient case;
  • Shows you a procedure schedule to prioritize which case carts need to be fulfilled first;
  • Provides an easy-to-use mobile application for scanning product barcodes wirelessly as the case cart is filled and automatically decrementing them from the case list of items;
  • Automatically adjusts inventory levels in real time to signal the need for replenishment or reordering;
  • Allows you to choose an approved substitute product if the specified product is not available;
  • Enables you to pause a case cart preparation if items are missing, waiting to be delivered, or need to be obtained from another location;
  • Automatically adds prepared cart items to the case when the case cart is checked into the procedure room; and
  • Automatically assigns unused items to the “credit cart” pool for returning them to the available inventory.