Customer Benefits

Our hospital supply chain solutions help a variety of healthcare professionals

How We Help Our Customers

VUEMED is a SaaS and Cloud-based healthcare IT company that solves acute inventory management, supply chain, and product utilization documentation problems in hospitals with our suite of advanced UDI-compliant RAIN RFID and barcode scanning solutions. Our vision is to transform the hospital supply chain into a value chain, with tools that promote greater transparency and provide more comprehensive and accurate data to improve efficiency, savings, revenue capture, and patient care.

VUEMED’s customers represent a variety of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, and surgical centers. We work primarily with specialty procedure labs and departments that use a large quantity and diversity of implantable and/or disposable medical devices.

Our solutions are ideal for the following specialty departments:

  • Catheterization labs
  • Electrophysiology labs
  • Interventional radiology labs
  • Operating rooms
  • GI/Endoscopy suites

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Our solutions help a variety of healthcare professionals obtain and analyze the UDI-compliant hospital supply chain data needed to make their work more effective and efficient – with just a few mouse clicks:

Inventory Manager

Inventory Managers

Use our solutions daily to review under-par items, order the right quantity and mix of products, and keep inventory levels lean. They also use them bi-weekly to review upcoming expiring items and ensure that they get used or exchanged.

Lab Manager

Lab Managers

Use our solutions regularly to track and analyze their labs’ product utilization trends, purchases, costs, and physician preferences when deciding which products to carry and in what quantities, or when analyzing procedure costs.

Department Administrator

Department Administrators

Use our solutions monthly or quarterly to review analytics on procedure and product costs, physician utilization, and consignment levels when deciding about new products, negotiating with vendors, or managing their budgets.

Material Manager

Materials Managers

Use our solutions to analyze overall product consumption trends, look up a specific product transaction history, analyze stagnating inventory, and review manufacturers’ market share across multiple departments for use in contract negotiations.