VueStat™ is an electronic shelf label (ESL) solution consisting of hardware and software that displays all required product details on a label-size screen, using e-ink text, images, QR codes and barcodes, etc. It provides and updates readable information remotely and in real time, and reports specific feedback to the Cloud for analysis.

Why use VueStat?

In the use case of supply management, VueStat offers a variety of label-size screens to display all relevant product details, barcode(s), inventory status (on-order, back-order, out-of-stock, etc.), warnings (recalled, latex, bill to patient, expiring, etc.), min/max par levels, approved item substitutes, and so on.

A broad selection of larger screens is available to best suit different environments (procedural, clinical storeroom, warehouse, etc.), storage systems (bins, carts, racks, shelves, cabinets, palettes), and the information that needs to be displayed.

VueStat functions as a two-way communication system using Power over Ethernet cabling, powering a number of non-intrusive and easy-to-install gateways that can each communicate with thousands of ESLs to easily update their individual content remotely and within seconds from our VueStat web-based portal.

Each ESL also conveys back a wide range of information via combinations of pre-programmed button pushes, such as varying levels of stock on hand, need for replenishment, replenishment fulfilled, and damaged stock, etc.

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