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VueSurg™ is our application for managing, tracking and documenting all surgical instruments from sterile processing to patient care. Based on the VueTrack technology platform, VueSurg is a RAIN RFID-based technology that works with RFID tags to uniquely identify each individual surgical instrument as well as its flow, location, chain of custody, patient utilization, and sterile processing status.


Why use VueSurg?


At the point of care, each surgical instrument used is identified by VueSurg and recorded as part of the procedure, as well as monitored to make sure that it is returned to a soiled instrument bin. This ensures a perfect count of instruments both pre- and post-op for patient safety.

With VueSurg no instrument is ever left behind or “missing” – instruments are RFID-tracked, thus eliminating the protocol of counting instruments multiple times throughout a procedure and removing the possibility of human error. This provides peace of mind to physicians and staff knowing that all surgical instruments are accounted for.

VueSurg also documents an on-going history of every location and utilization of each instrument and a continuous chain of custody, thereby bringing the Internet of Things to surgical instruments.