VueTrack-RF™ is a groundbreaking solution for the healthcare supply chain that tracks medical supplies, assets and people in real time with 99.5% accuracy, using advanced ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID antennas and inexpensive, versatile passive tags.  VueTrack-RF is an evolution of VueTrack™ and merges VueTrack’s robust, proven technology for tracking, documenting and reporting inventory transactions and data with UHF RFID, another leading and well-recognized data capture and tracing technology. Together, these two technologies are bringing transformations to healthcare that other industries have already embraced.

VueTrack-RF turns any area – whether a supply room, procedure room, hallway or warehouse – into a fully controlled inventory space using hospitals’ existing shelving and storage systems.  With VueTrack-RF, data capture is hands-free and is reported live without any human interaction. Plus there’s no need for bulky and expensive RFID cabinets. Small antennas are strategically placed on the walls or ceilings – everything else remains the same. The physical changes in the hospital are barely visible to the naked eye, but the profound transformations that VueTrack-RF brings are unmistakable.

VUEMED is also helping organizations achieve Unique Device Identifier (UDI) compliance through RFID application implementation.  In a continuous effort to standardize the labeling of medical devices and supplies following the UDI standards developed by the FDA, the healthcare industry is taking an approach to such standardization based on GS1 Standards.  There is an implied FDA mandate for using RFID for all classes of medical devices.  The details are not spelled out, particularly with regard to the writing and storing of the required data to the tag; however, VUEMED has developed such an approach and is moving the industry to standardize how the UDI is encoded on UHF GEN2 RFID tags using either an SGTIN or GIAI (GS1 existing standards for RFID data encoding) and EPC Global Standards.

Initially through VueTrack-RF’s Print and Registration Station, and ultimately built into the upstream manufacturing, packaging and labeling process, VUEMED’s approach will ensure that manufacturers are in compliance with the FDA’s UDI mandates for data storage on the tag when using RFID technology for labeling, identifying and tracking their products.  VUEMED is working with 24 major medical device suppliers to help the industry transition to UHF GEN2 RFID seamlessly using VueTrack-RF’s application software.

With VueTrack-RF healthcare organizations are stepping into a new era of unmatched visibility, traceability, accountability and efficiency. With data this clean, accurate and reliable, VUEMED is taking the healthcare industry to new levels of lean and optimized processes, labor efficiency, quality of care, and savings opportunities.

Why use VueTrack-RF?  Here are some of the many reasons why:

  • Makes the monitoring and accounting of clinical supplies efficient, accurate and easy
  • Alerts users to a product’s location as well as unapproved or unexpected movements
  • Implementation is low-impact and infrastructure-light
  • Ensures product availability, optimizes par levels, and reduces inventory size
  • Increases billed revenue
  • Increases data accuracy, thereby immediately optimizing inventory and replenishment
  • Automates product expiration tracking
  • Works with the Kanban system
  • Provides a quick response to product recalls