UDI Data Capture Boosts Savings & Safety

About a month ago I got a notice from Amazon about recalled frozen potstickers made by Ajinomoto Foods North America that had possibly been contaminated with pieces of plastic. Amazon posted a notice from the USDA with the exact lot number and expiration date of the problematic batch. Potstickers into the garbage, easy peasy! This got me…

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How to Achieve Better Patient Outcomes

RFID antennas in hospital supply room

“94% of Fortune 1000 companies are seeing supply chain disruptions from COVID-19…Supply chains lack global resilience and are breaking down in the face of multi-country disruptions…That [long-term supply chain] capability should be technology-led, leveraging platforms that support applied analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. It should also ensure end-to-end transparency across the supply chain” (Accenture). Indeed,…

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Supply Chain’s Call for Demand Planning

Demand forecasting and planning

The COVID-19 pandemic – with its resultant dire shortages of PPE and other essential supplies –made it abundantly clear that the visibility and predictability of the healthcare supply chain are essential for managing hospital operations and resources, guiding and achieving inventory optimization, preventing waste, controlling supply spend, and providing quality patient care. Many supply chain…

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Using RAIN RFID to Attain Data-Driven Inventory Optimization

Hospital employees using using RAIN-RFID to make sure the hospital inventory is correct

On December 9, 2020 we’ll be presenting at the “Engage Again” virtual conference, held by AIM and the RAIN Alliance, on the topic of how RAIN RFID technology achieves clinical inventory optimization by automating UDI data capture. At VUEMED, we’re passionate about the power of RAIN RFID to improve the reliability, efficiency, and accuracy of…

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The power of RAIN RFID for automating the healthcare supply chain

RAIN-RFID microchip

In a recent article in Healthcare Purchasing News, “Demand planning and forecasting: healthcare’s time has come,” the author Karen Conway opines that as a result of COVID-19 and PPE shortages, “the time has finally come for healthcare to embrace collaborative [demand] planning, forecasting, and replenishment that have proven valuable in other industries.” We couldn’t agree…

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Making the Promise of UDI a Reality

A digital abstract image of binary numbers flying through a dark background and creating a transparent structure

In a recent Fortune article, “Medical devices are nearly impossible for patients to track. Can these companies finally fix that?” the author discusses how difficult it is to track recalled items such as breast implants and how the FDA’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) system has not yet resolved the challenge of tracking all medical devices. …

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