Showcasing VueBin at AHRMM17

Last week’s AHRMM17 was particularly exciting as we had the opportunity to showcase our newest solution VueBin, a Cloud-based RAIN RFID-powered Kanban inventory management system. VueBin allows users to manage all Med-Surg or typically high velocity and inexpensive or non-chargeable supplies that are essential to all procedures or case carts. VueBin was a big draw at our booth and found a strong following among supply chain managers and OR managers who were looking for affordable and user-friendly inventory management solutions that don’t require an expensive or cumbersome infrastructure and that work with any bins and shelves.

We also enjoyed demonstrating again VueTrack-Mobile, a solution that both hospital supply chain professionals and manufacturers at AHRMM17 saw as a great option for instantly capturing inventory data and status, most importantly expiring or expired products, and for controlling consigned inventory.

Several manufacturers at the conference were also interested in VueTray, as was the team from the FDA. We showed them how VueTray easily captures UDI information when available and makes tracking and documenting individual spinal and orthopedic items and trays very simple and effective. We also demonstrated how either a manufacturer or hospital can swiftly encode the UDI data onto the RAIN RFID tag itself using VueTrack-UDI.